Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Stardoll Clothes!

Believe me, I'm not going to post about every time Stardoll releases new clothes. But besides Kohl's and Hotbuys, Stardoll hasn't released new clothes in at least 2 weeks. So I was happy when I found new Items from the Stardoll Store. The items are mixed. Some are fabulous and others, not so much. Here are some outfits that I made below with the new items. The clothes used in each outfit are listed and the new items are in Red.
1st Outfit: Rio Top, Pretty in Pink Vest, Stardoll Printed Skirt, Stardoll Strappy Heels, Kohl's necklace, Elle Wide Belt
2nd Outfit: Stardoll Shirt, Stardoll Tie, Fudge Mini Shorts, Voile Pantyhose, Bisou Brown Skinny Belt, DKNY Peep Toe Ankle Boots
3rd Outfit: Pretty in Pink Top, Rio Chicos Suspenders, Stardoll Army Pants, Archive Wedges, Folk Hat
The items are very high fashion I must say. But these are the best of the list. Some of the items I wouldn't be caught dead wearing. But judge it yourself. And be sure to comment on how you like of dislike the outfits above. Let us know,
Rock the World,
xoxo Adrienne

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